50+ movement tutorials that will unlock your BJJ potential.

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Shadow Jiu-Jitsu is a comprehensive library of 50+ videos, stacked with unique movement practices and drills that will turn you into a mobile, efficient, pain & injury-free, and complete BJJ athlete. Perfect for both younger and older practitioners. Taught by Rafael Lovato Jr. and Cameron Shayne.


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You train Jiu-Jitsu, but...

... It feels like it isn't enough, doesn't it? As if, even though you train as often as possible, you're not really improving as much as you'd like to.

What's more, you feel stiff. Your joints hurt and maybe you even feel like age is catching up.

On top of it all, you're not moving well. While some of your training partners seem to be so fluid in their moves and techniques that it seems effortless, you feel like you could never reach that skill level.

And no, it isn't about the techniques, right? You know a lot of techniques already. But it's about the way you execute them. About the way you transition from one position to another... It's almost as if it's rusty.

It's slow, it lacks control, it's far from being fluid. Furthermore, you're not really explosive on the mats. And you're not as mobile as you'd like to be.

All of those things combined culminate in your inability to move well. And that's hurting your Jiu-Jitsu game and progress, big time.

But what are you supposed to do about this, anyway? Is it possible to solve this issue, to learn how to move better, get rid of the pain & stiffness, and stay injury-free?

Or are you going to be stuck without ever fulfilling your BJJ potential,¬†ridden¬†with aches¬†& pains ‚Äď until the rest of your life?

You struggle because you're:

Slow on the mats

You don't move¬†between positions¬†as fast as you'd like. It takes you quite a bit¬†of time to do¬†a technique/transition¬†that could probably be done much faster, but no matter what you try¬†‚Äď your moves are always slow.


How does it feel when you move on the mats? Does it feel like you're stiff, like you can't perform a technique not because of lack of knowledge, but because your body can't keep up...? We know, it sucks big time.

In pain

What hurts today? Shoulder? Knee? Hips... All of the above (and then some)? If you're immobile in Jiu-Jitsu, if age is slowly catching up on you, then there is one thing you can most certainly count on: pains, aches, and injuries.

We're Rafael and Cameron.

Together, we have more than 60 years of combined Jiu-Jitsu and movement practice training.

I (Rafael Lovato Jr.) am a multiple-time BJJ and MMA world champion, as well as an owner and main coach at the Lovato's School Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA (Oklahoma City, USA).
Cameron Shayne, founder of Budokon Mixed Movement Arts University, has been studying and sharing yoga and mobility for over 25 years; producing hundreds of teachers in the fields of yoga, martial arts and free form movement world wide. He is also a BJJ black belt.

Throughout our careers, we've seen many BJJ students fail to reach their potential simply because of their inability to move well. We've seen so many of them in pain because they're stiff, because they're getting older, injured, and frustrated... That we've decided to take joint action.

We've decided to put together a comprehensive course that is all about movement patterns for Jiu-Jitsu.
A course, that'll show you a unique movement practice which will skyrocket your mobility, get rid of those pains & stiffness, and supercharge your BJJ skills.

There's nothing quite like it. Read on.

Shadow Jiu-Jitsu Course:

For young & old practitioners

No matter if you're just a young athlete who wants to improve their skills and stay injury free, or if you're an older practitioner who's already experiencing stiffness and pain, this course is for you. It'll make sure you keep training for years, decades to come; by improving your mobility, getting rid of that nagging pain and stiffness¬†‚Äď and, yes, by¬†supercharging your skills on the mats.

Everything you need... 

... To become the most mobile, efficient, and injury-free BJJ practitioner possible. The 50+ videos (including the bonus partner drills) are going to teach you everything you need to move well and build¬†your own movement practice for Jiu-Jitsu. This will ensure your movement, mobility, and¬†success on the mats keep improving¬†‚Äď and that you're always having fun training & fulfilling your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu potential.

Effective immediately

It won't take you months, not even weeks, to start noticing results in your Jiu-Jitsu game. It'll take you just several training sessions to notice that you're moving with much more finesse, sense and fluidity. That your aches are fading away, that you aren't feeling stiff as you used to, and that your love for Jiu-Jitsu is expanding with all of this success... So much so that you'll want to keep exploring movement patterns for as long as possible!

What's included:



Shadow Jiu-Jitsu: 27 Tutorials


The Shadow Jiu-Jitsu section features a comprehensive movement pattern vault, organized across 27 tutorials that show unique movement drills you can do at home or in your BJJ gym.
It'll also teach you how to build your own movement practice, to create an infinite number of movement routines.



Bonus Section: 26 Partner Drills 


The Shadow Jiu-Jitsu course also includes the bonus partner drills section. This section has 26 tutorials on partner drills (and BJJ techniques) that you can do to put your Shadow Jiu-Jitsu movement training into practice and further improve your mats skills.



Access to Rafael Lovato Jr. & Cameron Shayne

Got a movement and/or a Jiu-Jitsu related question? As a Shadow Jiu-Jitsu student, you can send us an email at any time! Either Rafael Lovato Jr. or Cameron Shayne will answer you personally.

Get instant access to 50+ movement patterns and drills tutorials, that will improve your mobility, efficiency, and BJJ skills.

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How does it look like?

Here's one of the¬†movement¬†patterns you'll learn¬†‚Äďthe¬†Komodo Dragon:


Shadow Jiu-Jitsu Course


  • Shadow Jiu-Jitsu - 27 movement pattern tutorials that will turn you into a mobile, efficient, and injury-free BJJ practitioner.
  • Access to Rafael Lovato Jr. & Cameron Shayne -¬†got a question? You can send us an email at any time and either Rafael Lovato Jr. or Cameron Shayne will personally answer you!
  • Member Community¬†-¬†this private group makes it easy for you to connect with like-minded grapplers.


  • Partner Drills¬†- 26 tutorials on partner drills that you can do to put your movement training into practice and further improve your BJJ skills.
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$0.3 per day for better BJJ and longevity on the mats.


The Shadow Jiu-Jitsu is a massive BJJ-specific movement patterns and drills resource, developed by Rafael Lovato Jr. and Cameron Shayne.

50+ movement patterns and drills (including the bonus "Partner Drills" section), access to Lovato Jr. and Shayne... And, above all, improving & learning how to move better for Jiu-Jitsu and get rid of all that stiffness and pain...
For just $127. That's about $0.3 per day, across the year.

Plus, you receive lifetime access. Pay once, and you'll have access to all future updates for free.

So, if you're looking to skyrocket your BJJ skills, to stop feeling stiff and achy, and to keep training well into old age (with increasing efficiency) then Shadow Jiu-Jitsu is the right choice for you.

Get started with Shadow Jiu-Jitsu. 

It's time to finally improve your mobility, get rid of the stiffness and pain, and progress faster on the mats. Get the Shadow Jiu-Jitsu course today.

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